Capital Planning

Understanding your assets to determine how much capital will be need when.

Capital planning is traditionally a 5- or 10-year plan that identifies capital projects and component renewals throughout a building or site.  This planning period forecasts the most accurate data without repetition of system renewal.  The benefits of a capital plan include:

  • Systematic Evaluation. Allowing for a systematic evaluation of all potential projects at the same time to determine their viability within a scheduled timeframe.
  • Financial. The ability to stabilize debt and consolidate projects, reducing capital and borrowing costs.
  • Schedule and Budget. Providing alignment of schedule and budget to share with building occupants

Capital plans typically include:

  • Component description and units of measurement.
  • Component renewals ranked by year
  • A timetable recommended for the completion of this work

Our team uses RSMeansTM and local experience to craft the estimates. Project cost accounts for average construction including contractor markups, overhead, profit, and owner soft costs (architectural/engineering fees, project management fees, and contingencies).

Our Clients Say…

"It is a pleasure to work with the K2M Team. The team held to their project timeline, met with the county Superintendents to complete a thorough overview of our structures and land, met with elected officials and department heads to consider our thoughts, concerns and ideas, and delivered options that we are very pleased with!"

Allen County Ohio Board of Commissioners (Jay Begg, Cory Noonan, Greg Sneary)

K2M on GSA Schedule

K2M Design is a GSA Schedule Contract Holder on the Federal Supply Schedule for Facilities Maintenance and Management (03FAC) Solutions for Real Property.