Energy Audits

Inspection and analysis of energy usage to drive energy conservation in a building.

Energy management services include audits, operations and maintenance, and retrofit studies that minimize the operational dollars spent on energy consumption.  All energy measures are evaluated on a financial basis by cost versus benefits, lifecycle payback, and return on investment.  To begin K2M develops a baseline energy model from site visits, utility bills, interviews with maintenance staff, and review of existing drawings and specifications.  The baseline model is then calibrated to reflect actual usage and operational characteristics.

Once the baseline model is created, we run a series of energy conservation measure (ECM) tests on each system how the buildings energy usage can be reduced by system and overall.  Energy conservation measures are categorized as follows: low cost / No cost, an investment with a less than 10 year payback, or a payback greater than 10 years.

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K2M on GSA Schedule

K2M Design is a GSA Schedule Contract Holder on the Federal Supply Schedule for Facilities Maintenance and Management (03FAC) Solutions for Real Property.