Post Occupancy Evaluations

Evaluate the actual performance of a facility post construction

A POE is the type of facility conditions assessment that goes steps further than traditional building assessments and pre-occupancy systems commissioning.

The POE is an assessment of the design and delivery processes, which typically evaluates the actual performance of the building in terms of energy and water use, carbon emissions, ease of operation and maintenance, and building occupant satisfaction and comfort. The data is analyzed and compared to nationally and regionally recognized industry standards to see how the building is performing.

For a completely unbiased report, a POE should be conducted by a third party contractor with no involvement or “skin in the game,” and occur between 12 months and 2 years after completion and user occupancy of the building. A POE generally includes interview sessions with Project Team members – including Architect and Engineers of Record, Construction Managers, General Contractors, Building Managers, in-house operations and maintenance personnel, building occupants, and other key stakeholders.

The objective of any POE is to help the building owner procure, contract, plan, design, construct, occupy, maintain, and utilize facilities more effectively by measuring a project’s successes and failures through a variety of perspectives. A POE can help:

  • Identify short and long-term problems in the building and outline possible solutions.
  • Guide current building energy and utilization performance.
  • Enhance space utilization and productivity based on feedback from building occupants.
  • Improve the staff’s ability to maintain a facility based on observation from operations and maintenance personnel.
  • Establish strategies, lessons learned, best practices, and processes for future construction projects of a similar nature.

A well-defined POE can be used as an aid to solve lingering facility issues post-construction which may have previously been unresolved, overlooked, or even unnoticed.

Our Clients Say…

"It is a pleasure to work with the K2M Team. The team held to their project timeline, met with the county Superintendents to complete a thorough overview of our structures and land, met with elected officials and department heads to consider our thoughts, concerns and ideas, and delivered options that we are very pleased with!"

Allen County Ohio Board of Commissioners (Jay Begg, Cory Noonan, Greg Sneary)

K2M on GSA Schedule

K2M Design is a GSA Schedule Contract Holder on the Federal Supply Schedule for Facilities Maintenance and Management (03FAC) Solutions for Real Property.