Condition Assessments

Providing an understanding of the condition of your facilities and corrective actions to take

Facility management planning and database solutions

The K2M team has vast experience with facility management and assessments completing the analysis of over a hundred million square feet annually. Our approach represents a thorough and comprehensive understanding of facilities of all types and is a solid first step for most organizations to begin building the road map to more effective utilization and sustainment of their facilities.

Real problem solving is what the K2M Team delivers each and every time to our clients.  We shape our process to meet your needs.

Architectural Systems

Facility architectural component assessments include structural evaluation of foundation and superstructure, watertightness and integrity of the building roof and shell systems, and condition analysis of interior finishes. Systems primarily include exterior walls, windows, doors, and interior partitions, floors, ceilings, doors and stairs. Depending on the level requested architectural assessments can range from 12-50 separate components.

Building Service Systems

Building service assessments within the facility include mechanical, electrical and plumbing components. Systems include electrical and gas feeds to the building; electrical distribution, transformers, wiring and light fixtures; heating, ventilation and air conditioning; water and gas distribution, sanitary and storm sewer, plumbing fixtures and fire protection; communication and security.

Site Improvement Systems

Site systems consist of exterior components of the facility. Site improvements include parking lots and access roads, pedestrian sidewalks, storm water components, landscaping, fencing, flag poles, playing fields and signage. Additionally civil systems include underground utilities such as fire hydrants and distribution.

Our Clients Say…

"It is a pleasure to work with the K2M Team. The team held to their project timeline, met with the county Superintendents to complete a thorough overview of our structures and land, met with elected officials and department heads to consider our thoughts, concerns and ideas, and delivered options that we are very pleased with!"

Allen County Ohio Board of Commissioners (Jay Begg, Cory Noonan, Greg Sneary)

K2M on GSA Schedule

K2M Design is a GSA Schedule Contract Holder on the Federal Supply Schedule for Facilities Maintenance and Management (03FAC) Solutions for Real Property.