Making Your Assets Work for You

Scott Maloney has always enjoyed the opportunity to work with governments, helping them think smarter about their assets is a true passion. The intelligence that is brought to the table from professionals and staff, who truly comprehend how buildings operate is fascinating. Understanding how people function and interact in a building, along with how trends and technology have impacted the way we function can be captured to vastly improve the way agencies, departments and entities serve the community.

There are several ways that A/E and planning professionals can support government and institutional agencies. Through thoughtful analysis of your operations we have the goal of answering four basic questions: what do you have, what do you need, what can you do, and what / when should you do it. These answers manifest themselves in a series of analysis that can be performed including:

  • Facility Condition Assessment (FCA) – Understand the current condition of a facility, in terms of architectural, ADA, building envelope, roofing, structural, mechanical, electrical, plumbing, and life safety systems related to building structures as well as horizontal infrastructure such as curbs, sidewalks, parking, sewage systems, ancillary structures, fences, and utility lines, followed with a detailed report of maintenance items that need to be addressed in the order of magnitude.
  • Needs Assessment – Determines the appropriateness of solutions by analyzing factors such as current conditions, critical adjacencies, operations, space allocation, technology, accessibility, parking, storage, best management practices, goals, and vision. This analysis informs the cost modeling and is united with the facility condition assessment data to determine future direction.
  • Trends Analysis – How current trends and modern planning practices can impact the way a department functions. The GSA is doing some incredible studies in efficiency thru technology, telecommuting, and workstation design and use that has lasting impact.
  • Real Estate Financial Analysis – This analysis determines the value of an entities land and buildings, as if available to the private or public markets, which forms a basis for valuation that plays in to a larger financial analysis.
  • Operating Cost Analysis – this is a study of your utility and maintenance costs against benchmarks of similar facilities as well as other buildings of similar age / location. The inefficiency of older, poorly maintained buildings can cost a government substantial time and money every year when this is not addressed.
  • Post Occupancy Evaluation (POE) – POE’s help to determine if your building (new construction) is functioning as intended for it’s tenants and if it is meeting it’s energy goals.

Together, we can make a lasting impact on the way organizations do business, serves their community, and smartly use general funds to best support its people and physical assets. Contact Scott Maloney if you would like more information on assessments and studies.

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