Spalling Reports

K2M Design offers concrete spall reporting for both commercial and residential clients throughout the Florida Keys and South Florida.

Spalling is a small fragment or chip, especially in concrete, which has broken up, flaked, or become pitted. This is a result of a combination of poor installation, construction materials and environmental factors that stress the concrete, resulting in structural damage to the reinforcing bars positioned inside the concrete. Concrete is a porous material that allows the transmission of water and humidity. Lower grade and insufficiently covered reinforcing bars allow more of this moisture to transverse the concrete and come in contact with the steel bars. This causes the steel to slowly rust and expand, causing expansion, cracks, and eventually failure in the concrete. As a result the concrete member loses most, if not all, of its designed structural capacity.

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Why is Spalling important?

If you discover that your residence or commercial building has evidence of spalling in the structural concrete, do not ignore it. When spalling is not addressed, the reinforcing bars will corrode further and cause damage in other areas that may not be visible, and eventually failure of the member may occur. This could have catastrophic and potentially deadly consequences as loose concrete could fall on someone below, or even worse, have major structural components of the building come down.

Why is a report required?

The report, certified by a licensed Professional Engineer, is a requirement of Monroe County and incorporated Cities in the Keys in order for the property owner to obtain a permit and proceed with the repairs.

Basic Spalling Report Services

Site Visit An Engineer will do a site visit to determine the extent of the spalling by visual inspection and photos.

Report / Recommendations A Licensed engineer will provide a signed/sealed report detailing the extent of the damage along with recommendations of how to repair. These reports are typically in 11 x 17 format and approximately (3) pgs. for a typical single family residential project. A contractor can use this report as a basis to provide a quote to the owner for total repair cost.

Additional/Enhanced Services May Include:

  • Coordination which can include Permitting support – Design professionals will assist with document submission to local jurisdiction to obtain plan approval.
  • Bidding – Design professional will provide documents to bidding contractors and respond to inquiries during bidding.
  • Construction Administration Inspections – Design professional will visit the site to observe construction activities.
  • Progress Reports – Design professional will report on progress to client on a regular basis through email.
Why K2M?

K2M Design has spalling experience in both residential and commercial:

  • Key Colony Point Condos, Key Colony Beach, FL
  • Sea Isle Condos, Marathon, FL
  • Spanish Galleon Condos, Marathon, FL
  • Stirrup Key Woods Condos, Marathon, FL
  • Office Depot, Marathon FL
  • Casa Clara Condos, Key Colony Beach, FL
  • Marathon Community Theatre, Marathon, FL
  • Ocean Front Condominium, Key Colony Beach FL

Listed below are contractors with whom K2M Design has worked with for spalling repairs.

  • All Keys Construction
  • Royal Crest Builders
  • Segard Masonry
  • A1A Butch Blast
  • Keys Contracting Services

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